Thomas Boyd was born in Victoria, BC, Canada, a charming place sometimes said to be the most British city on the planet outside Britain itself. But that’s just a silly notion put out by the tourism industry.

After an upbringing of no interest to anyone, he bumbled through more than a decade’s worth of post-secondary education. First came a stint at a technical college where he learned a little bit about electronics, followed by a three-day career in that field. By sheer good fortune he was later hired as a draftsman by a kindly engineer who encouraged him to go to college.

And so he did. Along the way Boyd enrolled in a course in the archaeology of Greece (he can’t remember why). But it ignited his life-long affair with Greek and Roman antiquity, later fueled by grad school and study abroad in Greece. Those halcyon years brought a long blur of summers excavating in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus and Egypt.

Then, after sampling (and fleeing) the narcissistic world of academia, Boyd allowed that it was time to earn an honest living. That led him to sojourns in urban planning, real estate and government administration.

His life thus enriched, he embarked on a plan for an epic novel centered about his favorite site in Greece where, for better or for worse, he spent about a decade as a member of the excavation team. The first fruits of this effort (the writing, not the digging) have now seen the light of day: The Glitter of Stone is now available for Kindle and other e-platforms for your reading pleasure.

Boyd and his wife and daughter live within spitting distance of Puget Sound in western Washington. His only real regret is selling the Grandy.

  1. Stockton Garver

    With the movie rights you can get another Grandy

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