Slowly getting noticed

After some initial modest success on Amazon, Glitter is now available via Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Oyster, Flipkart and Scribd. If you have an iPad, it’s easily available from Apple’s ibooks.

A couple of positive reviews have me very encouraged. Apart from polishing up the next volume in the series (hoping to release it this fall), the biggest challenge at the moment is publicity, getting it “out there.” They say this social media thing is the path to getting one’s book(s) noticed, but that’s an area that still has me a bit flummoxed. It’s probably a generational thing—perhaps I need to make friends with a 25-year old.

Introducing a new series

Announcing The Glitter of Stone, the first in a series of novels anchored about an ancient community that once thrived on the Aegean coast of Greece.

Glitter is a tale of danger, survival and discovery set in Greece during the Stone Age. It’s a little different from anything that has preceded it—for one thing, I’m pretty sure this is the first time a historical novel has been set in Neolithic Greece. As the first in the series, Glitter also serves as a foundation tale, a fictionalized account of how Halia first came to be settled.

The Glitter of Stone is available for Kindle and almost every other e-reading device! Don’t have a Kindle? The FREE Kindle app is available for every major platform: smartphone, iPad, Android, tablet, desktop (Mac or Windows), etc. Download it today!

I hope readers will find Glitter worth a few hours of entertainment. In the meantime, I’ll miss my Neolithic friends as I turn my attention to the Bronze Age, the (pre)historic setting for the next three tales in the series.

Coming soon:  Part 2, Ungodly Wealth. What happens when daring seafarers from Halia get tangled up with stolen loot, a stranded Minoan artist and massive earthquakes? Find out in this tale of high adventure in the Middle Bronze Age. Look for it later this year!